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On behalf of Foundation Heart for Malawi I welcome you to this site, which offers information about our Chichewa Dictionary Project. The Fifth Edition of the Dictionary, into and from English (1158 pages, September 2016, ISBN 9780190416591), has been published by Oxford University Press, especially for countries  where Chichewa, also called Chinyanja (spelled Cinyanja in Zambia and Cinianja in Mozambique), is being used by millions of people. It is a small-page bible-paper book, with a very strong soft cover.

The online version of the Dictionary is being used all over the world. See button above ‘Use Dictionary’. Access is free.

The buttons to the left offer a brief history of the Project and information on how to learn Chichewa.

There is a special button for Johannes Rebmann (1820-1876), the ‘Father of Chichewa Lexicography’. He was a German missionary and church founder in East Africa, who was first to compile a Dictionary of Chichewa, although he called the language Kiniassa.

Another button connects to the history of Chichewa Lexicography.Steven Paas It tells about initiatives to make Chichewa dictionaries since the first half of the 19th century.

To the right there are some links to our partners.

Zikomo (Thank you)

Steven Paas (PhD)
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