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The Online Dictionary attracts a lot of visitors and users, making the site an excellent platform for advertising. Although the Dictionary Project focuses on Central-Africa, people from all over the world are visiting us, especially from Malawi, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa and The Netherlands.

Advertising on the Dictionary website is a unique opportunity. Realise that the Online Dictionary is not a regular web site. No page refreshes or transitions are needed to consult the Dictionary multiple times. So your advert is uninterruptedly shown during the use of the Dictionary. Moreover, users tend to return often to the Dictionary website.

Since its start the Online Dictionary has received more than 200 unique visitors each day, from 60 different countries. They make your advertising campaign a valuable investment.

We offer 5 types of adverts, see the table below for their sizes and rates and the image below for an example of the space and place of type B and D.

Type Position Size (pixels) € rate* MK rate*
A. left, right below user info 201x75 10,- 2000,-
B. left, right below user info 201x150 18,- 3600,-
C. left, right below user info 201x201 22,- 4400,-
D. middle, right below dictionary form 693x80 34,- 6800,-
E. middle, right below dictionary form 693x120 42,- 8400,-

* Prices are per month and additional transaction fees may apply


  • Your ad is displayed on the main page of the Online Dictionary.
  • The length of an advertising campaign ranges from one to six months, always a multiple of one month.
  • Please send your advert file by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Correctly formatted adverts are published after payment to one of our bank accounts.
  • When users click your ad, they will navigate to the website of your choice.
  • Static ads as well as animated ads (GIF) are allowed.
  • Supported file formats: GIF, Jpeg, PNG.
  • Maximum file size is 175 KB.
  • We can help you to create an ad at a single charge of € 40,- (and possible transaction fee).
  • Foundation Heart for Malawi reserves the right to decline an advertisement.

We are looking forward to your advertisement!


Example advertisements

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