Your Very First steps in Chichewa Print

For those who for the first time visit Malawi or for the first time were challenged by the Chichewa/ Chinyanja and want to acquire some very basic knowledge of the national language this little course is offered.


This course consists of the following elements:

1. Greetings etc.
2. Asking questions
3. The verb: to be
4. Combination of subject (personal pronoun or noun) and verb in the sentence
5. The Usage of Verbs
6. Some important words
7. Possession


If you really want to learn Chichewa, then look at the following links that lead you to Courses and Learning Material.

- Lowani Afrika Talencentrum
- Chichewa Learning Materials
- Centre for Language Studies: University of Malawi
- Webster online Dictionary of Chichewa (basic words only)
- Talk Now! – Learn Chichewa (with CD-ROM)
- Wikipedia: Chichewa Language (information on resources)
- Learning Chichewa: a Peace Corps language course. (By Gregory John Orr and Carol Myers Scotton ; prepared by the African Studies Center, Michigan State University, 1980, Vols. 1 (Lessons 1-10) & II (Lessons 11-20))
- Intensive Chichewa
- Digital Dialects Chichewa - Interactive games for learning the Chichewa language
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