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- Prof. Dr. Pascal Kishindo, Centre for Language Studies, University of Malawi
- Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler, University of Malawi
- Ir. Wim van den Bos, Consultant for Oikonomos in Malawi
- Rev. Megumi Fazakerley, Evangelical Bible College, Blantyre
- Mr. J. Mwatsika, Senior Education Advisor, Ministry of Education of Malawi
- Prof. Dr. Joseph Chakanza, University of Malawi
- Drs Tirza Schipper, Lowani - Africa Language Centre
- Dr. Gerrit van Steenbergen, Bible Society of Malawi/ United Bible Societies
- Mr. Andrew Goodson, Kamuzu Academy, Malawi
- Mrs Margriet J. Sacranie-Simons, Honorary Consul of The Nederlands in Malawi
- Rev. Wonder Kanyangira, Evangelical Church of Malawi
- Dr. Erwin van der Meer, Stichting Afrika Zending
- Mr. Zondiwe Kadango, Freelance English-Chichewa translator, Lilongwe
- Dr. C. Martin Pauw, Emeritus Professor of Missiology at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
- Dr. Armin Schwegler
- J. Kerwin
- Thandi Soko
- Nevis Hulme
- WH
- Joster M. Jumbe, Principal of RPC Theological College, Zomba, Malawi

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